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Muhammad Umer Azad

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I am a programmer by trade, and I’ve been working in the cloud infrastructure space since 2007. From June 2020, I’ve been working in Azure Core as a Principal Engineer. My focus is on improving the throughput and reliability of Azure’s control plane. Prior to 2020, I’ve worked at @facebook, @uber, @aws and @microsoft in various infrastructure teams.

My other technical areas of interest include: operation systems, programming languages & runtimes, development/debugging tools, and most recently formal verification (TLA+, P).

For non-technical growth, I read about history, modernity, institution/org building etc.

This blog contains both my technical and non-technical musings. Please filter by the technical or non-technical tags to choose what you’d like to read.

I rarely use social media so email (umer@hey.com) is the best way to reach me.

Disclaimer: All opinions published here are strictly personal.

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